Asia - Wall fan - X16002

Exterior and interior design X16002
Ceiling Fan Asia X16002 is a fan controlled, users do not need to move but can still make the fan run as you like. The fan is designed quite compact so it does not take up space in your home, whether it is in a bedroom area is quite modest. The color is harmonious, elegant, easy to combine with items in the house. Ceiling fans are wall-mounted fans, especially safe and suitable for families with young children.

The rotor blades design is 40 cm in circumference, allowing the wind to spread freely in space, even if you sit at a considerable distance from the fan. The propeller is made from high-end synthetic resins that are durable, not easy to crack, crack after use for a long time. Quiet and lightweight fan operation at 1200 rpm, suitable all the time, even at night when your family is falling asleep. Propeller is protected in sturdy steel frame, ensuring safety for the user.

Asia X16002 fans are known as ceiling fans because the fan has a rotation function 360 degrees, spreading the wind in space, not just like other fans, just turn left - right. The fan also has three wind speeds: strong, medium and light, and the wind speed controls are located on the controls.

Features and benefits of the product:
Asia X16002 Ceiling Fan is one of the outstanding products of the company, invested a lot of effort, to bring customers absolute satisfaction. From the smallest such as the remote - handheld controller is also designed with pretty buttons with curved in a beautiful ring, aesthetic. After a tiring day, only with the small controls, the customer will feel relaxed and satisfied without having to stand up to adjust the fan to run his own way.
Ceiling Fan Asia ASIA X16002 with 12 months warranty

Another thing to consider is the price of the product. Price and quality of the product are two main factors that determine whether the product is worth buying. The Asia 16002 fan satisfies both requirements. Compared with many other types of fans on the market, Asia fans are relatively cheap, suitable for the economy of every family. Although the price is quite cheap but the product quality is more than expected. The product is designed entirely from high quality materials, even fan protection iron frame is also rust-resistant and does not peel over time. The product is guaranteed for 12 months, if during that time, customers have any problems, the company will warranty repair products completely free.

The Asia 16002 has 220V-50Hz input power, the maximum power savings for your home, so there's no need to worry about electricity bills for fans every month, even if you and your family use it all day on hot days. , hurriedly

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