Asia - Wall fan - X16001

Luxury design gives the user a completely different living space. Ceiling fans not only function as the cooler for the whole house but also the decorations are very suitable for the room. If you have a modest area that is not suitable for standing fans, mezzanine fans, this would be a great choice for you. Ceiling installations help you save space, make living space more spacious and comfortable, moreover, the cooling is spread on a large scale. Because fans have a ceiling design that is safe for the user, especially those with small children.

Cooling capacity and even distribution: Asia X16001 ceiling fan is designed with rotating 360 degree rotating fan with large wind flow combined with 120 rotational speed per minute to create a cool space, The wind spread across the room and cooled the room. This is the biggest difference between standing fans and ceiling fans. Imagine, you and your family are in a room with a ceiling fan Asia X16001 will be wonderful.

One of the features of this product line is the quiet running of the engine, along with the protection system that gives true quality to the product. Similar to other types of fans, the product also has a motor and fuse explosion-proof, ensuring safety for users when unexpected incidents occur.

Asia X16001 ceiling fan creates the spotlight for space

In addition, the gearbox of Asia X16001 ceiling fan is designed quite modern, to help you actively use and adjust the speed to match the space of the room.

This product is suitable for a lot of space can be large room or the banquet, even the stage, ... If your room is quite large instead of buying two or three standing fans, please equip a ceiling fan The room will be cooler, more beautiful, but also save you money. This will be the appropriate cooling product for every family on hot days.

User guide for ceiling fan Asia X16001
Using ceiling fans is also quite simple, not as hard as you imagine. When installing the Asia X16001 ceiling fan, you can find the parts and how to operate by carefully reading the product manual. If you do not have time to study, we'll summarize a few basic things to help you use easier.

Do not turn on strong winds early, at night if the wind speed can make the skin more susceptible to dry. You just need to adjust the moderate to suit the needs, the wind should be light to the body comfortable, comfortable.

Do not install fans for low ceilings, if the fan is installed too close to the user will be dangerous when there is failure of the rotor blown.

When the outside temperature is too large, the sunlight should be shielded to maximize the efficiency that the ceiling fan brings.

The information about the Asia X16001 ceiling fan that we share, hope to help you make the right choice. At the same time, the fan should be durable with the period of time when customers need to clean the product periodically. Avoid leaving the fan running frequently, shut off when leaving the room to maintain durability and save power.

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