Asia - Wall fan - L20002

Package includes:
One Asia L20002 wall fan
01 user manual
01 warranty card
External structure of Asia industrial fan:
Adjustable stand / rotary fan.
Fan motor box
Fan control panel
Fan base
Fan fan
Fixed on the wall
Design and features of the Asia L20002 wall fan:
Different from other types of fans, the Asia L20002 wall hanging fan is fixed on the wall to save space for efficient use, without wasting floor space.

Beautiful design, modern color highlights, suitable for all space hanging fans, without losing the aesthetics of your house.

Because the fan has a fixed wall-hanging design, it is very safe especially for families with young children.

L20002 has a capacity of 80W, powerful cooling capacity, suitable for large areas such as restaurants, warehouses, factories ....

The rotational speed of the fan reaches 1200 rpm, which quickly produces strong winds. Help to cool, reduce the feeling of suffocation, circulation of air in your room in a very short time.

Asia L20002 wall fan is made of high quality hard plastic, durable, high impact resistance due to high impact

The fan coil is knotted by rust-proof stainless steel. Reduced wind resistance to ensure absolute safety for the user

Wall fan industrial L20002 color fashion
Wall fixings are made of high strength monolithic iron. Good fan-fixing ability on the wall eliminates the possibility of fan failure.
By adjusting the motor clutch, the wall fan can also change the wind direction up or down, to the left or right, easily allowing the wind to spread wider.
The product is improved to 5 wings, stretching up to 50cm, helping the wind is spreading, strong, wind speed reached 4800 m3 / h.
The Asia L20002 Industrial Fan has 3 speeds, allowing you to choose the right speed for your home. In addition, the L20002 has the ability to help you change the wind direction as you wish, but also has the ability to rotate flexible wind can spread throughout the home.
Fan control panels are separated and also fixed on the wall. You can adjust the wind speed, rotate or immobilize the fan with the rotary switch on the board and on the engine box, or conveniently use the control panel with 2 long control fan. All you have to do is to simply manipulate the fan.
Fan motors are durable and powerful without being hot
The electric motor is enclosed by a motorized box made of high quality plastic, avoiding breakage and avoiding the possibility of electric leakage. Ensure absolute safety for the user.
Asia L20002 wall fan has an additional fire and explosion-proof fuse to help users peace of mind when using
The fan is simple, easy to remove and disassemble cleaning
Maximum power savings for the user.
Industrial L20002 industrial ceiling fan

Wall fan L20002 industry warranty genuine
Manual for use and maintenance of wall fan Asia L20002:
You should fix the Asia L20002 ceiling fan in the space and the height is suitable to cool effectively and safely to use.

Fan placement: The fan should be hung above the floor of 2.15 m or more, preferably 2.5 - 2.7 m to ensure the safety of the user (especially away from the reach of small children), copper It helps the air in the room to be best circulated when the fan is running.

Should choose the speed of the fan in accordance with the weather, do not need too high speed with rooms with cool space. It helps to cum electric power to improve the life of the fan.

Regular cleaning fan, especially the position of the fan cage and fan blade to ensure the wind speed, the ability to circulate the wind is stable. It also reduces the impact on the life of the fan.

Powerful, powerful cooling. Asia L20002 wall fan will be the best solution to dispel the heat of the summer, bring cool air to your family!

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