Asia - Wall fan - L18004

Asia L18004 wall fan brings cool space in hot summer days. This is one of the electric fans that people use and choose. However, not everyone knows how to take advantage of the points and use this wall fan properly to bring effective results. This article we will share with you the advantages such as how to use Asia L18004 wall fan properly.

Asia L18004 wall fan creates the space for your home

Asia L18004 wall fan designed modern luxury. This is the latest fan sample of Asia. Why is the Asia L18004 wall fan a fan of choice?

Of course, design and style alone can not be trusted and selectable. So let's take a look at the outstanding features of the Asia L18004 you will understand why the wall fan Asia L18004 is selected.

Ceiling Fan Asia L18004 - Outstanding Features
Powerful operation: The Asia L18004 wall fan has a 55W power output, along with a 45cm wide fan. Swing speed 1200 rpm. Combining these points will make the Asia L18004 wall fan create a steady stream of air, and powerful cooling for the space used. Comfortable feeling for the user.
Convenient control cable: The Asia L18004 2-wire wall control fan has two main functions for controlling the fan. One wire to control the wind speed of the fan, the other wire to use the rotation mode and the fan stand. You just need to pull the wire can be used very simple but convenient.
Variable Winds: The Asia L18004 wall fan is equipped with various wind modes. This allows the user to choose the right one for himself. In addition to the right turn mode, the wind is blowing from the fan to spread a wide range.
Highlight: Asia L18004 is designed luxury style, modern, color is very meticulous selection. When using the Asia L18004, it will look like a wall decoration, adorning the beauty of your home.
Power saving: Not only outstanding in the design of the wall fan Asia L18004 is also very power-saving. This is what people pay attention to when buying household electrical appliances.
Modern design, power 55W, high speed, power saving, with these points Asia L18004 deserves to be the first choice for users.
Wall fan asia l18004 wingspan 45cm wide

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