Asia- Wall fan - L18002

Asia L18002 fan design unique, many features superiority
Saving your space: The Asia L18002 wall hanging fan is designed to be hanging from the wall, saving you the space of comfort for your family, such as living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom. Time for offices, buildings of organizations, companies.

Powerful, stable, smooth motor: The 55W fan power ensures the quality of the wind that the fan delivers and saves power. Asia L18002 wall-mounted fan works smoothly, does not vibrate, brings relaxation, satisfaction for consumers when used.

Wind speed is stable at 1200 rpm, cool air dispersed throughout the room. In hot summer days, or in a moldy room, the bubbles the winds created by the fan will definitely help relieve your discomfort.

The fan is designed to be compact, with proper design curve, up to 45 cm in length, reducing the area of ​​contact with air, avoiding dust and dirt during use. The rotor of the fan is smooth, no clogging or noisy. Due to its long rotor blades, it ensures the quality, speed and stability of the cool and fresh wind that the Asia L18002 wall fan provides.

Asia L18002 wall fan designed safety with electric motor navigation.

There are two choices for you to adjust the wind speed, such as using the gear knob or using a zipper under the fan. Depending on the design of the fan hangers, you can use the form of fan as above, suitable for many ages with different heights. There are 2 zippers corresponding to the speed control function and the directional adjustment function

Compact design, easy to disassemble and clean, ensuring the engine is running smoothly. With simple operation, you can remove fan cages and fan blades to clean the fan

If there are any problems with engine failure, you will be assured of Asia's warranty service up to 12 months with many nationwide warranty facilities.

The wiring system is designed with plastic material, beautiful ball, easy to clean, ensure the wire is not broken when using.

The Asia L18002 wall fan is robust, durable and easy to use.
Living on the rise and facing the warming of the earth, the annual average temperature is rising, but this will no longer be a barrier to the quality of your work and leisure. Just have a L18002 in your room. Just select the focus mode or the appropriate speed for numbers 1 through 3 when using alone. Or when you have the presence of friends, relatives, you can share and enjoy those cool breeze with them. After practicing sports, when you return to your family room, turn on the fan and enjoy the value of life, satisfaction and comfort that you will feel with the hanging fan. wall Asia L18002 this.

Iron cages are designed with a narrow slit space, which is much safer for families with small children. Moreover, the fan is designed to hang high on the wall, so this problem is no longer your concern.

The fan is designed with orange in the background, attractive, eye catching, luxurious, and easy to see the status of use for your fan.

The use of extremely fast and simply plugged in and choose the appropriate wind speed, design with clear numbers, not too many features should be suitable for all objects used. The simplicity and quality of the wind and durability that the product line brings to the satisfaction of customers trust the use of wall fan Asia L18002.

The fan is just as safe with a navigation motor design, and more energy efficient for your home or business. With more and more modern living, facing the challenges of the environment, the depletion of natural resources, the use of energy saving products not only save the cost of living in your family. It also contributes to protecting and maintaining a healthy living environment for our descendants.

Easy to use, when you use it, you just need to select the zero mode, so that the fan stops rotating then you can unplug it from the power supply, while ensuring your device when there is a trying on electricity. As many as you can see, there is no reason for you to own a genuine Asian L18002 wall fan.

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