Asia - Wall fan - L16006

Asia L16006 wall fan is one of the most popular and used consumer electric fans. If you want to install electric fans in spaces such as restaurants, eateries, homes, etc., you can choose this convenient wall fan.

Asia L16006 wall fan - Superior design

Asia L16006 wall fan is designed with elegant style and two elegant colors depending on the preferences of each person to choose and as well as other types of wall hanging fans are designed to hang on the wall to save space. Not only that, the luxurious design of the Asia L16006 Wall-mounted Fan will be a wall decoration for your family. Fan: Asia L16006 Wall Fan is designed with 40cm diameter wings and equipped is rotating in many directions. These two points will help the fan create a wide spread effect in the space

Remote Control: The Asia L16006 wall fan is equipped with a convenient remote control. With this controller you do not need to be near the fan to adjust, just sit there and then press the control is able to use all the functions of the fan.
Power: Asia L16006 has a power of 55W plus a wingspan of 40cm which gives the fan a strong and stable wind.

The ASIA L16006 remote control fan is easy to use

The Asia L16006 wall fan has three different wind modes, each of which can be used to suit the actual needs of the user. This is something that not every fan has. In order to do this, we have to ask experienced designers and users what they can do.

The first is the normal wind: The Asia L16006 wall fan blows out the air at steady, non-rotating speed, and rhythmically weak. This wind mode is designed to be used at the time of sitting when eating or watching television.

Asia L16006 wall fan design delicate

Natural Wind Mode: In this mode, the fan blows alternating airflows at rhythmic and weak rhythms to produce cool breezes that bring out the pleasant feeling of the outdoors. Suitable for children while playing under the fan.

Sleeping: The Asia L16006 wall fan will create a gentle breeze to help you fall asleep. Especially when the temperature drops, but with gentle breeze from Asia L16006 will not wake you up cold.

Timer function: In addition to the functions on the Asia L16006 also has a smart timer function. Helps to avoid the time out and forget to turn off the fan.
The Asia L16006 wall fan has a tight, fan-shaped casing that prevents direct outside impacts to the fan while in operation. And with the design of the wall should stay away from the reach of children should ensure the safety of children. Brass silver motor helps fan running smooth, quiet and no noise, is covered with a closed shell to avoid dust, insects cling to the engine to extend the life of the fan.
Advantages and disadvantages of the Asia L16006 wall fan
Asia wall fan with many outstanding features, detailed design should be easy to please the user. However, the Asia L16006 is designed to be hung on the wall so it also has the advantages and convenience to use
Advantages :
Asia L16006 wall fan has a variety of wind modes
Variable wind direction, wide cooling
Designed for hanging walls, it is advisable to avoid the reach of children
Nan cage knit firmly
Colors and design create a focal point for space usage
Convenient remote control
Energy saving when used
These are the advantages of the Asia L16006 wall fan. Contrast with the advantages of Asia L16006 also has its disadvantages. This type of wall fan should be inconvenient to use Asia L16006 as follows:
Defect :
Because hanging on the high should be very inconvenient disassembly. When to clean the fan to remove the fan and then clean the sanitary, this is also the disadvantage of other hanging fan lines.
Can not move, unlike the other Asia L16006 fans are not convenient to move to use in many areas
Once you have mastered the features and disadvantages of the Asia L16006 wall fan, you will know how to use it effectively and efficiently with this convenient home appliance. This will help you take advantage of its advantages and increase the durability of the product as well as bring safety to use for its members in the family.

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