Asia -Wall fan - L16013

Exterior design of wall fan Asia L16013
Wall fan L16013 is designed in a compact, gentle blue, cool, suitable for any space for your family. In addition, the L16013 wall fan is a wall fan that will save your family space. Moreover, because it is installed outside the reach of children, you will be somewhat more comfortable when the family has children. With the convenient design of two-wire control will make it easy to select, change the velocity. the most active.
Next is the interior design of the Asia L16013 wall fan
First of all, the Asia L16013 wall mounted fan is equipped with a 45w operating power. Therefore, it will create a strong wind, stable and wide, for your home space is cooler than ever. Especially, with a wingspan of 40 cm and a rotation of 1200 rpm creates a wind flow of 54.2m3 will help you have the winds as strong as the wind of nature. Designed with 3 different wind speeds, you can choose the wind mode suitable. Not only that, Asia L16013 wall fan is equipped with the motor is installed fuse explosion detonated line right after the incident occurred, ensure the safety of users.

Ceiling fan Asia L16013 has many convenient features

Features of the L16013 wall fan
Compact design, subtle color, with 2 wire control
Easy to remove and install
Power 45 W operates strongly
3-speed switch from low to high
Consumption of power consumption
Rotational speed of 1200 rpm
Save space, area
Reverse electric motor, fuse fire

Ceiling fan Asia L16013 eye-catching colors

Let's take a closer look at the features of the Asia L16013 wall fan, which will definitely bring you lots of benefits for your family!

First of all, the Asia L16013 wall fan is compact in design. So you can easily remove and install. In addition, the product can be used to hang the wall, so you can save space, area in the best way. In addition, when hanging on so high, will ensure the safety of the members. Most children are young. The subtle yet subtle green color will definitely set the tone for your home. Powered by a power of up to 45 watts, the powerful operation will create great winds, making you feel comfortable while using it. The Asia L16013 wall fan is equipped with 3 different wind speeds. and with two control wires, you can be more active in changing the fan speed and wind direction. The power consumption of the 45w fan only helps to save electricity efficiently. Not only that, with a wingspan of 40 cm and every minute it turns 1200 rounds will make your home air cool immediately, creating a comfortable feeling and comfort for everyone. Especially, with the reversing electric motor with fuse, the electric current is cut off as soon as any problems occur, ensuring safety, help you peace of mind using the product without worry about fire problems. .

Be smart consumers in the selection of products. It is great to have a product that has many features. You are still confused in your choice, do not look anymore. Choose the Asia L16013 wall fan to experience the premium features - an indispensable friend to every family on hot summer days. Quickly order goods for details on the benefits of buying a cheap fan!

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