Asia - Mezzanine fan - A16011

Highlights mega fan Asia A16011

Modern design, sure
45W power saving
Speed ​​of rotation is 1200 rpm
Large wind flow
3 different wind speeds
Durable material is safe for the user
Features of the Asia A16011 flywheel fan
The Asia A16011 flywheel with a rotor blade diameter of up to 40cm and rotating left angle of 180 degrees helps cool the wide space up to 15-20m2. At the same time, the rotational speed of 1200 rpm creates a large wind flow of 72.4m3 which creates a strong and continuous wind. You can relax and enjoy the cool atmosphere in the hot summer sun.

The Asia A16011 flywheel has 3 different wind speed buttons that correspond to three wind modes: low speed, medium speed and high speed, giving you easy choice of modes depending on the intended use. different.

The fan case of the Asia A16011 fan is guaranteed to be safe for the user

 For example, when you eat, you can choose medium, with moderate winds to make you feel better and eat more delicious. After a hard day's work, you may wish to have a good night's sleep, while at bedtime you can choose from a lower level (gentle fan), gentle winds to relax and deep sleep. more, bring a fresh feeling after waking up each morning

In addition, the Asia A16011 fan is very light, minimizing noise and stable airflow, fans are easy to adjust at different heights, users can choose the height of the fan to fit. Suitable for different spaces: dining room, bedroom, living room, reading room ...

Asia L16011 Convenient height adjustment knob

The Asia A16011 loudspeaker operates at a power of 45 watts, creating a continuous flow of energy, saving power, enabling users to save significant costs, especially in hot summer months. The fans are quite high with relatively high cost of electricity.

In addition, the fan is equipped with a fuse to fire, automatically disconnect the power when the problem, so you can safely use as well as prevent fire and explosion occur.

Safe with Baby: The sturdy, well-rounded fan pads help increase the distance between the fan blades and the cage. At the same time the cage has two reinforcing rings in the ring and the cage in the front and back cage is tightened by screws, so it is safe to use, so you do not need to worry when the family has children.

Asia L16011 flywheel creaking knit

Flying fan of Asia L16011 famous brand

Are you wondering what to choose the best and the best products? Why you choose the Asia A16011 fan.

Compact design, convenient to move elegant colors suitable for many different spaces.
Products meet European standards
3 different wind levels convenient for the user to choose.
Saves energy, minimizes costs.
Safe, easy to use
Brand prestige, quality assurance products
With the superior features of the fan series Asia 16011 Let us help you to dissipate the heat of summer, to enjoy a cool summer and more pleasure. Use the Faculty to use the best products and services. Bring the most prestigious and quality products for your family.

Brand introduction
Aisa Vina is a trademark of Asia Vina Vietnam Fan Joint Stock Company, which specializes in manufacturing and distributing the leading range of electric fans in Vietnam. Established from a small production base in 1990, after more than 20 years of hard work, the company has gradually improved its production structure as well as completed the distribution network throughout the territory. Vietnam and some countries in the Asia Pacific region, maintaining the title of "the leading manufacturer of electric fans in Vietnam.

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