Asia - Mezzanine fan - A16007

Features on fan of Asia A16007

Asia A16007 has a solid, convenient design.

It has a 45W operating power and a rpm of 1200 rpm.
Wide wingspan
Quick cooling.
Easy to use, safe.

Describe the salient features of the product

Compact, convenient design

Unlike other conventional bulky design fans, the Asia A16007 flywheel has a simple, rugged and durable design with high quality plastic cover with a glossy surface, dust-free and easy cleaning. more when the user sanitary fan. With green, the A16007 always gives you a cool feeling that makes you feel good. Not only that, the mezzanine is also designed to be compact, so you can use in small spaces such as dining room, study room, study place ... You can also move this fan fly to any Where you want without fear of being disassembled.

Flying fan ASIA A16007 fashion design

The Asia A16007 has 3 rotating speeds from low to high with a flow of 60m3 / min. Motorized fan with good performance and durability with a capacity of 45W, powerful power to create a fast and powerful wind to blow the air immediately to heat the user feel cooler. The mezzanine refreshes the air as it circulates cool air throughout the room at a speed of 1200 rpm. This is a great speed compared to other conventional fans.

Standing fan Asia A16007 outstanding technology

Wide wingspan

Are you worried that the fan of such a small size will not be able to cool everyone around? Do not worry, Asia A16007 has a wingspan of 40cm combined with rotational speed 1200 rpm to create wind quickly and evenly spread around the user location. So, wherever you are, sitting in any position, A16007 can bring you cool air, so you can enjoy the feeling relaxed and satisfied.

Quick cooling

With 3 speeds of wind speed and 1200 RPM, the A16007 has cooled down to meet the needs of its users. The space of your house will be covered by cool breeze, in the midst of summer heat.

Easy to use, safe

 Asia A16007 is equipped with 3 speed buttons designed to be simple buttons and easy to use. With 120 cage units it is very safe for children, you do not have to worry every time they approach the fan. Flywheel is a product suitable for all ages in your family.

Asia Asia A16007 fly fan optimal

Loudspeaker fan Asia 16007 convenience

Fan Asia 16007 Adjustable height easy

With fast cooling power and high speed, the Asia A16007 brings you a good night's sleep by the cool breeze. It would be great if your family has one or more fans like this to serve the needs of the family. With a 12 month warranty, we are committed to bringing you genuine products under the brand name Asia. Are you ready to call us for advice and quick order? Pleased to serve and provide the fan of Asia A16007 fan for you.

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