Asia - Ventilators Fan H10001
Asia - Ventilators Fan H10001

Asia Ventilation Fan H10001


1. Fashion

  Asia ventilation fan H10001 has a stylish design, beautiful

2. Great speed

Asia H10001 rotary fan with a rotational speed of 1200 rpm will provide enough wind for a large space with a wind capacity of 40m3 / min.

3. Good insulation

Asia H10001 ventilation fan is good insulation so you are completely assured when using.


Power (W) 35
Power supply 220V / 50HZ
Current (mA) 190
Size square hole (cm) 30 x 30
Dimensions (cm) 36 x 17 x 36 & 90 x 37 x 38
Rotational speed (rpm) 1200
Wind flow (m3 / min) 3.1
Weight (kg) 3
Wingspan (cm) 25
Manufacturer Asia
Place of production in Vietnam
Type of wall exhaust fan (ventilation fan)
24-month Genuine Warranty

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