Asia - Stand fan - D18005
Industrial fans Asia D18005 is a popular product and widely distributed in the market. The product is a combination of many outstanding advantages have brought satisfaction and comfort to the user. The production system has worked ceaselessly, always learning and progressing to produce products of superior quality as today.
 Fan structure consists of the cylinder body is made entirely of high-grade stainless material with the ability to withstand high heat resistance. The fan base also has a low adjustment mode suitable for all spaces. The compact design also makes fan movement easier. Therefore, the Asia D18005 industrial stand fan always brings the most convenience to the user. That is why this type of product is so popular.
Industrial fan ASIA D18005 height adjustment easy
One special thing in the design is the fan consists of 5 blades with 45cm wingspan, fan speed of up to 1200rpm. This design makes the D18005's cooling speed faster and wider than conventional fans. With this feature, industrial stand D18005 is not only suitable for family space but also can be used in large, crowded spaces such as meeting rooms, restaurants ...
 Fans can be adjusted to 3 different levels depending on the needs of the user. Therefore, D18005 always brings the utmost convenience to customers. With a wide range of narrow spaces, the fan also has a fan-adjustable fan base to match the space used. The 180-degree rotation allows the D18005 to cool every corner of the room. Also, with the compact design, moving the standing position of the stand fan is extremely easy without sacrificing effort.
To bring the best operating mechanism and convenience to the product, Asivina's innovators have adopted the most advanced scientific achievements in each of their designs to deliver the highest quality product. . The products of this brand are produced according to international quality standards
Applying the latest technology achievements, the product has a logical structure, small engine, quiet running, no noise when using. Therefore, D18005 fans are suitable for quiet spaces such as meeting rooms and conference rooms. In addition, the product is designed with safety features for children. Always put the safety and satisfaction of customers on the top so Asivina brand always occupy the hearts of consumers.
Sleek, delicate color
To be the most popular product on the market, in addition to good quality, the D18005 industrial stand fan also owns a beautiful, simple but luxurious design. The dominant color is black and orange, creating a harmonious, eye-catching and attractive look. Elegant colors help make your home space more subtle than ever. In addition, with the use of high grade stainless steel and simple design, cleaning products becomes extremely easy. When you want to clean, you just need to remove the fan cap and remove the fan blade to clean the fan blade to keep the fan from clogging. Experts have advised the user to keep the fan stable and run as well as the original, should clean the fan blade regularly. With the fan body, the user simply wipe with a wet towel and then wipe with a dry towel to make the fan shiny as not used.

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