Asia  - Quạt đứng - D18004
The design, utility and outstanding features of the Asia D18004 stand fan
D18004 stand fan is beautifully designed, fan-shaped body combined with the orange of the wing to help the fan become prominent and eye-catching. Not suitable for all space such as family, office, company, .... It also enhances the beauty of the space you use.
The Asia D18004 stand is made of powder-coated monocoque, which is extremely resistant to breakage during use.
Fan is made of stainless steel, stainless steel nanny of the cage, the spacing between the small nan. Do not block the wind again to ensure the safety of your family.
Fan tray is made of high-strength plastic and hard to break, making the fan always stand firm.
D18004 is improved to 5 wings, high quality plastic material difficult, wingspan length 45 cm, staggered design, eye-catching appearance. Generating more than 50% of wind power over other products, wind speed reached 78 m3 / min.
D18004 stand-alone fan with adjustable high and low intelligent convenience. You can adjust the height of the fan optional and flexible.
Large power 55 watts, fan speed 1200 rpm. So it quickly created the winds. Help to cool, reduce the feeling of suffocation, circulation of air in your room in a very short time.
Asia D18004 vertical fan has 3 speeds and is controlled by a button mounted on the side of the fan motor box. With 3 wind speeds, you can choose the wind that matches where you use the fan easily.
D18004 can be rotated 180 degrees with a press of the rotary fan adjustment or stand on the fan motor. Help the fans bring wind to the room, increase the cooled area for your room.
The D18004 has a large fan blade that allows the fan to carry wind throughout the room
Asia D18004 stand fan is more advantage than other products, the noise level at work is very low, no noise in the process of using.
Although the capacity is quite large, the Asia D18004 stand is very energy-efficient. It has been certified 5-star energy saving by the Ministry of Commerce.
The electric motor is enclosed by a motorized box made of high quality plastic, avoiding breakage and avoiding the possibility of electric leakage. Ensure absolute safety for the user.
In addition, the fan is equipped with an explosion-proof and heat-resistant fuse to give you total peace of mind.
The compact design allows you to move to whatever bean, whatever space you want.
Standing fan D18004 has a simple design is not sophisticated, so it is easy to disassemble, the cleaning of the fan cleaning becomes simpler.
Although the fan tray is designed to be very reliable, but you should place the fan in a flat place like a table, floor, ... .. not in the bumps, such as uphill and high chairs ... avoid the condition damage inside.
D18004 has 3 speeds, so you should choose the right fan speed for the space you use. Should not only the highest wind to avoid waste of electricity, do not waste the life of the fan.
If the water enters the fan, the components will rust or short circuit. It is therefore advisable to leave the fan in a dry condition, if it is wet or damp, you can allow 2-3 hours of drying or drying.
It should be cleaned regularly, because the cage, propeller, engine box is removable so cleaning is easy. The cleaning of the wind speed, wind speed is stable, increasing the life of the product
Beautiful design, outstanding features, reasonable price for Vietnamese economy. Standing fan Asia D18004 will be the right choice and smart for your family!

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