Asia - Stand fan -D18002
Features and highlights of the Asia D18002 stand fan
Standing fan asia D18002 bright colors
Elegant design with elegant color is the first advantage when it comes to this product. With its two main colors, silver and orange, the Asia D18002 standalone fan will impress and appeal to customers thanks to its ultra-luxurious look. The design of the fan is very compact for every family installed in the living room, bedroom or even the office. Outside the product is also coated with powder coating and stainless steel protects the fan does not rust by the year.
Besides the modern design, the material is also worth mentioning, the D18002 is made from high quality materials, with high durability. In particular, the fan base is made of hard plastic that is hard to break before small collisions; Fans made of powder coated iron; Fan made of stainless steel material. The combination of these materials has created a quality product and is highly appreciated.
Very high speed rotation up to 1200 rpm, wind speed is also very fast combined with 3 levels of wind creates a very cool and airy space for consumers while still saving electricity.
Asian D18002 stand fan is easy to use
Another prominent feature of the Asia D18002 stand fan is the automatic mode of the motor when the problem occurs. This unit consists of a motor and a fuse for fire. When it encounters incidents, the whole will automatically shut down and stop the operation of the product to ensure the safety of users and avoid fire. In addition, this product is designed quite meticulously with 120 fans to create walls to avoid touching the fan blade to hurt. You can be more secure when you have children.
With flexible height adjustment, during use you can lift the fan lower or higher. Depending on your needs and space you can comfortably adjust the height to match. To do this is very simple, behind the adjustable fan body, you simply twist and adjust it.
Guideline how to stand fan Asia D18002
Standing fan 18002 genuine asia
Hybrid fan stand Asia D18002 is quite simple but not everyone knows how to make it suitable to increase the life of the product. So, through today's sharing, we will guide you to clean the fan properly.
Step 1: First off, turn off the power before cleaning
Step 2: Next, remove the fan cage and bracket at the fan head
Step 3: Hold the hub in the middle and remove the blades from the shaft
Step 4: Clean the newly disassembled parts with a damp towel. First, clean the blades, then the fan cages and the large parts.
Step 5: Use a blower and a small brush to clean the dust in the engine, and the heatsink
Step 6: Continue to use clean towel to clean the fan body and the dirty place.
Step 7: After cleaning, install the original parts and place them in a dry place.
Asiana D18002 vertical stand fan features remarkable
Here are the steps to help you clean the product properly to bring better use.
The weather is very hot, making people feel uncomfortable, so if you own the stand Asia D18002, this problem will be resolved.

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