Asia - Stand fan - 18001
The Asia D18001 stand-alone fan consists of a rotor, fan, fan, fan cords, power cord, fan blade and fan tray. Material D18001 is made from pure resin, has a glossy, bright color. Fan and fan casing made of stainless steel, hard-rusted, hard to rust, firmly keeps the fan firmly. Elegant design, elegance that exquisite Asia D18001 with two black and orange gives fans a new color. The harmony, freshness, bring your space a new color, make your room more beautiful, just delicate but very elegant, modern, easy to accommodate many river space. of many families. In addition, the Asia D18001 stand fan has a solid, circular baseplate, which keeps the fan stable, free from vibration when the fan is running. Can be used in wide space
With its large design, Asia D18001 stand fans can be used for a wide variety of spaces, especially large spaces such as reading rooms, rooms, guest rooms, bedrooms, and conference rooms. Wind and fan cooling. Adjustable D18001 fan heights are designed for 60-100 cm height adjustment, which helps to cool many other spaces and locations without the use of other fans. The height and posture of the members of your family from small children to older people.
3 wind speed of D18001 fan
Asia D18001 fan with 3 wind speeds: light, medium and high power is displayed by the numbers 1 to 3 with 3 levels of wind and is adjusted by rotating the adjustment button to let you choose the level of the wind. It is designed to give you the most comfortable airflow, making you feel relaxed and comfortable.
Engine protection system
 To avoid electrical faults that can affect your family, the Asia D18001 stand fan is equipped with a motorized fuse block, which automatically switches off the power supply when it is overloaded or when a malfunction occurs. use in any case.
Safe with small children
The Asia D18001 fans are interwoven in a solid, solid and secure package especially for families with small children who will not be able to put their hands in the fan blades. What effect does the child have? Easily adjustable stand or rotating fans not only give the user different rotational speeds, but the D18001 stand can also be adjusted to rotate the fan or stand still depending on the number of people as well. The user's desires by pressing down or pulling on the push button above the fan box, are very handy and useful.
3 wide wings
With a 3-blade design with a wingspan of 45 cm, the Asia D18001 stand-alone fan helps to cool the large area, helping to distribute the farther away, to the corner of the room, the farthest away in the room, to give the effect. Cooler is higher, your room will also be cooler, cooler area than other fan products.
Energy saving
 The 45 W power supply not only brings you and your family a cool breeze, but the Asia D18001 fan also helps your family save energy. This product is rated 5-star energy saving by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam. With the new black and orange design, compact design and modern features, we are sure that with the Asia D18001 stand fan in your home, summer This is where you and your family will enjoy the cool, relaxed and relaxing summer days. Come to us to receive the surprise offer when buying Asia D1800 Stand Fan

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