Asai - Stand fan - D16013
The outstanding features of the Asiavina D16013
To create a place in the hearts of consumers, the D16013 must fully integrate the best value for a home appliance.
High quality products
D16013 as well as other products of Asiavina Manufacturing and Distribution Joint Stock Company are manufactured in accordance with ISSO 9001 international standard. Each product is a combination of public applications. the most advanced technology. So, the D16013 is both convenient and modern, and is very suitable for today's technology life. Looking forward to the dynamic and modern digital life, each of Asiavina's products is a result of continuous work and learning, constantly improving to bring out products that are most suitable for consumers.
There is a remote control
 Standing fan Asia D16013 easy height adjustment
Asia D16013 stand-alone fan in the forefront of features
The D16013's unique feature is the D16013, which is equipped with a remote (remote control) for users to use the device in the most convenient way. This is a superior feature of the D16013 compared to the conventional fan. Controls allow the user to adjust the speed of the fan at different levels of low-medium-high-depending on the needs of use. In addition, the user does not need to be able to walk, but can adjust the direction of rotation of the fan, or turn off the fan does not need to move much. This feature is probably the most favorite feature of the D16013 because it's handy and especially suitable for older people and young children. When the elderly are alone, traveling around to adjust the fan is difficult. But that was D16013 overcome. So there is no reason consumers can deny the D16013 as a gift to parents or grandparents.
In addition, the fan control panel will remain on the body for the user to adjust the fan in the most convenient way.
Convenient timer function
Asia D16013 remote control fan
Asiavina stand fan also has a very special function is the ability to timer up to 9 hours. If you fear low night temperatures can affect the health of family members who do not want to wake up in the middle of the night to turn off the fan, then the timer function does that for you. So with the D16013, the user can comfortably choose the most comfortable time frame. This feature is great for families with young children.
Fast cooling effect
Stand Fan Asia D16013 genuine warranty for free
D16013 is designed with 3 blades with wingspan of 40cm made of high quality plastic. The rotational speed of the fan is 1200 rpm and the air flow is 60m3 / hour. Consequently, consumers can be assured of using the D16013 fan because your room will be cooled quickly and the wind will blow to every corner of the room. With this feature, the product can also fit into big space, such as crowded restaurant or office.
Motor fuse fire
To be safer for the user, the motor is equipped with an additional explosion-proof fuse and a safe shut-off in case of trouble. So, the D16013 gives the user the safest and user can put all the trust and D16013. Asiavina is always the most durable and useful product for your family
Asia D16013 stand fan with high durability
Compact, luxurious design
With the main color black and gray, the D16013 brings elegance, sophistication and harmony to the space used. The fan has a simple, compact design that can fit all spaces but is also easy to move and remove. Fan cleaning also becomes simpler. The fan parts are made of high quality material with resistance, heat resistance and scratch resistance. Just use a dry towel to lightly clean the fan, which helps the shiny product as not used. With high-grade steel cage fan, the steel thread knit together to create absolute safety. When you want to clean the fan blades, you just have to remove the fan cover to clean all parts inside.

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