Asia - Stand fan - D16012
About design
The product is designed in bold and modern language. With this innovative look you can both use the fan to cool and decorate your home.
The fan base is made in a circular shape that makes it sturdy and does not vibrate when rotating.
Also on the fan is equipped with additional display for easy viewing.
In terms of performance
Carrying in mind the capacity of the 55W fan will work very well. Fan will bring the wind to suit your use. With this 55W you no longer worry about your electricity bills last month too high. Ceiling fan asiAa D16012 cool and save. You do not hesitate anymore but not fast hand to bring products right with his family.
Understanding the worries of customers we have equipped for stand fan Asia D16012 3 wind speed is set at 3 push buttons with numbers 1,2 and 3. When you are out you are very hot you can turn on immediately number 3 for the fastest cooling, number 3 is the strongest number of fans. If you only need some airflow, you can turn on the number 1, number 1 is the number that makes the fan work the slightest.
Adjustable height adjustment
You worry when you sit in high positions such as: chairs, beds, desks ... or low positions like the floor, mats .. fans are not high enough or too high that the cooling is not right ? Our fans are equipped with the ability to increase or decrease the height to suit the user. When you want to give the Asia D16012 high or low stand fan just turn the latch behind the fan to let it loose and you lift the fan up or lower the fan to suit your requirements and then swing the pin firmly on. It is very easy right?
 Standing fan Asia D16012 Adjustable high low easy
Wide angle of wind direction
With a diameter of up to 40cm, you will have winds that are far and wide. When our fan works, your space will be bigger, people sitting at many different distant locations will still be cool.
The fan now wants to turn on or off you have to use the switch is very inconvenient. But for our Asia D16012 standing fan, it's not. When you want to turn on or off, you can use the controls to turn the fan off and off. Sit in one position, but you can still turn it off at your own pace, giving you more time to do other tasks. Once you have owned this great genuine product you will feel comfortable.
Standing fan Asia D16012 outstanding design
You forgot to turn off the fan, or you have the unexpected, when you sleep sleep forget ... the many reasons for us to create this another great function for you - it is the timer function off. What is off timer? You set the fan for a certain period of time when the fan runs out. Before you go to bed you can schedule a shutdown according to your usage requirements to save you a lot of wasted power.
Are you worried about the safety of the product called Asia D16012 stand fan?
Safe with user. Fan rods made of iron bars with extremely tight welds, the fan bar spacing very close to each other so when children have not touched the hand does not work. With the engine equipped with fuses explosion-proof, automatically disconnect the power when the problem, you have complete peace of mind about our products.
Warranty period up to 12 months
With a warranty period of up to 12 months, you are assured of using the product without any problems because we have.
It is great that you own the super product named Asia D16012 stand fan right? You do not know anything else but quickly contact us to bring the product back to your family.

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