Asia -  Stand fan - D16016
Asia -  Stand fan - D16016

Transparent plastic fan, elegant design, advanced. Asia D16016 stand fan is a high end product line that brings the modern look of your home.

The fan has three wind modes that give the user the ability to adjust the wind speed according to their preference and purpose.

Standing fan Asia D16016

Salient features:

Asia Vina D16016 standing fan smooth operation with 45W motor, reduced noise
There are 3 speed control buttons with 3 different levels that are convenient for the user's needs
Low adjustment: 1.15m -1.39m depending on the purpose of the user, easy to adjust the angle of the fan
Beautiful design, solid fan base keeps the fan body balanced during operation.


Manufacturer: Asia
Type: Electric fan
Made in Viet Nam
Style: Stand fan
Capacity: 45W
Propeller diameter: 40cm
Fan height: 1.15m -1.39m
Color: Gray
Wind flow: 72.4 m3 / min
Turning speed: 1200 rpm
Warranty: 24 months

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