Asia - Table fan - B16017

Asia B16017 table top fan from Asia. B16017 is equipped with many modern features and is the type of desk fans are popular today. The 40 cm wingspan is equipped with a 45W motor that easily cools your room for an extremely short period of time. Please also learn more about this product is full of you.

Asia B16017 tablecloth luxury design

Detail table B16017 table fan
B16017 is a durable, affordable household product that meets the needs of low cost ceiling fans

B16017 table fan runs at 45W

The voltage is 220V / 50Hz

The wind flow reaches 73.2m3 / min and turns 1200rpm with 3 wings and wingspan of 40cm

Impeller thin, light, fast and more cooling, wind blowing harmonic to ensure health and not adversely affect respiratory

Quality and technical components ensure that the fan always works best, durable and efficient

With such specifications, B16017 is a perfect product for home or classroom cooling.

Asia B16017 table fan features

Asia B16017 table fan convenient in living
Table B16017 comes with 3 speeds to change the user's preferences, rotate in multiple directions or stand idle, rotating up to 87 degrees, blowing wind across the room. As a desk fan, the B16017 is easy to move around in your home, without a place to rest, maximizing the convenience of the B16017 running smoothly, without vibration. The B16017 table runner is very cool, but also offers great power savings. Especially, the B16017 is made of hard plastic that is durable, you can trust the B16017 is a very durable fan to choose. The motorized box is safe, especially the fan cage is designed to be safe with children but also removable to clean and keep the fan clean.

B16017 is designed elegantly, color harmony
Placed in your home, the B16017 is both a decorative item and a decorative item. Household appliances also need a code, style that is suitable for aesthetic so B16017 is evaluated with the flair in design, suitable for small spaces

Table B16017 table-top is elegantly designed, gentle, elegant and elegant in the space of the room.
B16017 is extremely compact, easy to carry or carry, not bloated, is suitable for small spaces. Produced in three colors, young, polite: Gray, Leaf and Thien. The colors chosen by the manufacturer are cold colors, avoiding hot colors that create soreness during extended summer days.

You will own a B16017 table fan of the company's genuine Asia Vina and warranty 12 months

Quality guaranteed, over the years the product line of Asia Vina is always trusted and welcomed by durable products, always improving to meet the needs of users. In addition, because it is manufactured in Vietnam, customers can rest assured that the price always meets the criteria of durable fan cheap for users.

B16017 has been changed, using advanced components, production on modern lines

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