Asia - Table fan - B16003

Electric fans are an indispensable item in every family during hot summer days, close friends for every family. We would like to introduce the Asia B16003 table fan with useful features and safety for users. Asia B16003 is a new table fan made by Asia Vina fan manufacturer, which is sure to be the best choice for your family.
Asia B16003 table fan modern design
Highlights of the Asia B16003 table fan

On the design of the asia desk fan B16003
The design of the Asia B16003 fan is quite simple and light. The material is made of high quality plastic against shock and anti-distortion to create durability for the product. With the main color is the color of green and green color to the lightness of the product when looking at. With silky and silky color, the dust is less dusty and makes the fan always clean.

Fan can be detached so it is very convenient when you clean the fan. It's convenient.

Asia B16003 table fan compact

About the performance of the Asia B16003
With the current weather, you will expect a high-performance product. Understand the customer psychology we designed for fans with a capacity of up to 45W makes the fan work well without worrying too much electricity. With a product that works well and saves energy, you do not have to worry about the cost of the product anymore.

Three wind speed of asia table fan B16003
The B16003 has 3 wind speeds to suit every user's requirements. When you are away from the hot air in the house and want to have the wind to lower the body temperature, you should turn on the wind speed is equal to the number 3 on the fan, while you have felt comfortable enough The roof is more r and wants to be slightly lighter than you can turn on the smallest number corresponding to number 1 on the fan. It's a great product right? Asia always produces the best products for you.

Asia B16003 International Table Fans

Wide angle wind direction with fan diameter up to 40cm
With a rotor diameter of up to 40cm, you will have winds far and wide. When our fan works, it will make the space cool to spread throughout your room, so people sitting in many remote locations can still cool off.

The power back function of the Asia B16003 fan
With the spinning function of the Asia B16003 table fan, it will help your family to have a good gathering without fans ensuring the cool air to everyone. When people sit in different positions, you can press the power behind the fans to turn around for everyone to cool down, and when everyone is sitting next to each other, you can pull the power back up. Standing fan, the wind will blow more concentrated.

Simple asia B16003 desk fan

B16003 has a very smooth operation mechanism
 B16003 operates smoothly, gently, uniformly and smoothly, ensuring good cooling ability, enhancing the air flow to the room.

Asia B16003 not only responds very well in terms of design, performance when used but the product is absolutely safe

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