Asia - Table fan - B16002

Desk fan Asia B16002 impressive with compact design, elegance, luxury. The three-blade blades have a diameter of 40cm and rotational speed of up to 1200rpm creates a continuous flow of air, gentle, easy to dispel instant heat. In the process of using three adjustable winds, fan on only by a simple rotation. In addition, to amplify the wind we can adjust the wind direction by using the switch on the engine box to select the fan stand or rotate in your favor. Therefore, you can choose the wind direction that you are comfortable and comfortable. Experience the new breath that the B16002 brings to you!

B16002 table fans are equipped with a safe motor protection system, not only bring practical benefits but also bring long-term economic value to you. You do not have to worry about a fan during the day because of over-capacity during the summer heat. It helps you save on repair costs, but also brings cool feeling in these hot weather days.

The Asia B16002 table fan is certified by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce as a power saving product
Features desk fan highlights B16002
Convenient, easy to use: The B16002 table fan is easy to assemble and sanitize quickly, placed on a table or under ground for a mattress bedroom. Save space on your room, as well as a compact decor. Using the fan is easy, change the wind speed with a knob to help you adjust the wind speed to comfort. Hot day uses the greatest wind speed to help you feel cool, night temperature can drop to small wind speed down very convenient. With just two simple steps, you can enjoy your hot days.

The B16002 table fan is easy to use with the fan speed regulator

Safe and durable: The B16002 table fan is equipped with a safe motor protection system that increases the durability and safety of the product. With its design, the explosion-proof fuses ensure the safety of your family, especially those with children. The shell is made of high quality plastic, painted with anti-gloss paint to ensure the durability of the fan as well as the paint does not peel after long time use.

Engine box of Asia B16002 table fan is protected by high-grade plastic

Easy to move, clean: The B16002 table fan has a simple design with removable lid and fan for easy cleaning. Save time for the removal, or not too hard to clean, clean your fan.

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