Asia - Table fan - B16001

Composition of table fan Asia B16001
In structure, B16001 has a very small structure, including fan, fan cage, fan blade, engine fan box, fan body, control panel, fan tray and power cord.

Asia B16001 table fan designed beautiful, modern, luxurious

Asia B16001 table fan is compact, with a height of 45cm, blue color brings fresh feeling, elegant, cool and harmony with nature, suitable for your home space. In addition, the Asia B16001 is designed for fan support to keep the fan stable and free from vibration when used.

Asia B16001 table fan has 3 large 40 cm wide blades plus 1200 rotational speed per minute which creates a strong wind, scattered throughout the area to fan. You will feel a cool wind from the first fan on.

The Asia B16001 has three levels of wind speed: mild wind, moderate wind and strong wind. To adjust the wind level, the Asia B16001 uses a simple 1 to 3 knob control depending on your wind level. So the use of the fan is simpler. In addition to this, the B16001 is also equipped with a digital button to turn off the fan.

The Asia B16001 table fan has a built-in fuse, which automatically switches off when a power failure occurs, avoiding fires and explosions that affect the network as well as the lives of users. In addition, the Asia B16001 Table Fan also features a 120-nanny fan cage and a front cage belt for added comfort and security, especially for families with young children. more when using this fan

 B16001 is a quiet, quiet, fanless table fan that creates a steady flow of air and cools the area around the fan. With a capacity of 55 W and a wingspan of 40 cm, the Asia B16001 Table Fan increases the air flow, ensuring cool airflow for rooms with an average area of ​​12 - 15 m2, for the living space of your family. Especially, with its quiet performance, the Asia B16001 Tabletop Fan gives you a good night's sleep with cool airflow, which makes your sleep more delicious, giving you a great source of energy. New Day.

Easily adjustable to move or stand still
The Asia B16001 table fan has a push button design on the fan box to adjust the fan or to stand still. You have the fan to turn to your desire to bring you a cool wind, the most appropriate

Easy to clean

With the function of creating the wind to cool living space, the Asia B16001 table fan is easy to get dust, especially the fan blade. But you will not have to worry about the cleaning to clean the dust. The B16001 has a fan-mount design that easily detaches and inserts, so cleaning is simple and easy than ever. One simple operation is to open the fan casing and clean the inside of the fan easily with clean dust. With this simple and intelligent design, the use and cleaning of the Asia B16001 cleaning is simple, tailored to your family's needs.

 An Asia B16001 table fan for the summer is a very sensible idea, a smart choice and this product will not disappoint you. So do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Featuring the Asia B16001 table fan for this hot and sultry summer.

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