Asia - Table fan - B12004

Asia B12004 table fan is produced by Asia Fan. B12004 is the current table fan is popular now. The design is meticulously selected. Refer to the features of the Asia B12004 table fan to see why this product is popular.
 Asia B12004 table fan design delicate and luxurious

Design and features table fan Asia B12004
Desk fan B12004 neat design suitable for desk space, small rooms. It saves you no time as a decoration in your room. The B12004 desk fan has a sturdy, secure cage with 120 nan knits thick, avoiding encounters such as knitting fans can be stuck. Hand or prone to fallen objects impairs the rotor blades, thus ensuring the safety of young children. In addition, the fans are uniformly knit together to lighten the wind, making it comfortable for the user.

Asia B12004 table fan features

The three-blade propeller is only 30 cm in diameter and rotates at up to 1,200 rpm to create a continuous flow of light, very gentle and comfortable. During use, users can choose one of three wind speeds, turn on the fan with just a button to rotate easily. In addition, the user can adjust the wind direction by using the switch on the engine box to select the vertical or rotational state. Therefore, you can choose the wind comfort and comfort to create cool space. Do not worry about working comfortably, do not dedicated when the companion is the desk fan B12004 with the engine works very smooth, smooth, no noise. Help you do not be distracted when doing. It affects people around. Makes the feeling of excitement work more effective.

Desk fan Asia B12004 convenient, easy to use

Table B12004 fans are equipped with safe motor protection, increased durability as well as safety of the product. Simple design with lid and wings removable for easy cleaning. Save time for the removal, or not difficult to clean your fan, thus increasing the durability after long time use.

Desk fan B12004 is very compact size, only 48cm high, users can move and place fans in any space easily. Especially, this fan is suitable for small space such as desk, desk, bed, room ... Moreover, elegant design and color, beautiful, help living space. your more lively. Fan outlet and fan blade are easy to disassemble, very convenient for repair or cleaning fan. Desk fan B12004 neat design, convenient will bring you the gentle breeze, most comfortable.

Desk fan B12004 40W is a brand of desk fan from Vietnam. The company's products in 14 consecutive years of high quality Vietnamese goods. Its products are always looking for prestige, have a firm foothold in the market and are favored by consumers in Vietnam and appreciated by consumers. A good product, durable, reasonable price has the effect of cooling as well as decoration for your room more lively. Contact us for more information on our products.

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