Asia - Wall fan - L16015

Highlights of Asia L16015 wall fan
- Wing: 40cm

-Automatic flow: 60m3 / min

Rotational speed: 1200 rpm

- fuse breaker: yes

- Solid protection cage

Outstanding features of the AsiaL16015 wall fan
Wall-mounted design, large fan blades cooling large space.

 Asia L16015 wall fan is a solid design with 3 wide blades and wings up to 40cm combined with left and right rotating modes to create wider, cooler air. Larger rooms such as living room, dining room, bedroom ... .. so you save maximum use area, reduce the cost of living.

Asia L16015 power saving wall-mounted fan line

Asia L16015 wall fan has 3 different wind speeds from small to large: low speed, medium speed, high speed to help users to choose the wind to suit the space and needs of separate use. In addition, fans with large wind flow can reach 60m3 / min and the speed of rotation from 900-1200 rpm to create strong winds, fast cooling and continuous to help you be comfortable and relax. Enjoy the cool breeze in the sultry summer days.

The Asia L16015 fan uses a zipper for easy movement and adjustment of the winds, which is very convenient for users to hang up. To change the wind level, you need only one operation. Simple zipper helps you choose the right wind.

The Asia fan has a motorized fuse for fire protection, disconnects the electrical current during an accident, and prevents fire. In addition, the protection cage also has two rings reinforced very firmly, knotted nests are tight, tight with screws, so it is safe for the user, avoid the occurrence of dangerous accident not specifically safe for children ... not only the cage and propeller can be removed to help you easily remove the lid, cleaning the fan monthly.

45W fan creates a strong, continuous wind, but still save power consumption.

Asia L16015 wall-mounted convenience fan

Asia l6015 hanging fan with wall design to save space.
Wind speed and wind flow.
Wingspan 40cm wide
Quiet operation, no noise.
Convenient zipper.
Material is durable.
Safety fuse for firefighters.
Compact design, harmonious color, easy to use.

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